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Catherine & Corey's Wedding at Candlewood Inn - Brookfield, CT

Photographers - Mike & Gabby


Cat & Corey are two souls that are meant for each other. From our initial meeting, I saw the energy they have with each other is electrifying and hilarious at the same time!

It was an absolute pleasure shooting their engagement, 'Covid' backyard wedding, and actually wedding at the beautiful Candlewood Inn in Brookfield CT. Catherine has one of the most contagious laughter/ smiles and she really knows how to party! 

We wish them the best of luck and we look forward to seeing them again in the future!


Here are some of our favorite memories over the course of the day:

-Cat’s aunt drinking a bottle of wine while getting her hair done.

-Cat & Corey’s ADORABLE niece and nephew!

-Their first look was so cute!

-Corey surprising Cat with a second wedding band (Even though he told her the company stopped making them!)

-Cat’s father daughter dance was hilarious! I can see where Cat gets her sense of humor from!

-The reception was nonstop! Great party!

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