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Kelly & Rob's Wedding at Gallaher Mansion & Cranbury Park - Norwalk, CT


I first met Kelly & Rob at their 'Covid" wedding ceremony back in 2020 and we immediately had such a fun connection! We all had such a great time that they invited me to photograph their 2021 all day wedding at Gallaher Mansion.

Fast Foward to their wedding day and the same fun energy was there! Kelly & Rob are truely such an awesome couple and you can really feel their love! I can't wait to shoot with them again in the future.

Here are some of my favorite memories from their wedding:

-Seeing all of the wedding photo's I took last year (2020) all around there house.

-Seeing how beautifully the venue was decorate to Kelly & Rob's cozy fall aesthetic.

-Seeing Kelly's ADORABLE nephews

-Taking pictures underneath the amazing monkey tree.

-Rob's best man climbing on top of him during his speech.

-The night shots we took!

-Kelly having shots with Rob's mom.


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