CT Photo Group - Sweet 16 Photography

Jordan's Sweet 16 at The Amber Room Colonnade - Danbury, CT


Jordan's Sweet 16 was held at The Amber Room in Danbury, CT. Her first dress was a long white gown with fold lacing embroidery on the top and she looked stunning! We took some pictures on top of The Amber Room's famous rock and from there we took some portraits!

As we where finishing up photos, Jordan asked me to take pictures of her in a pair of sunglasses. As I was taking the pictures, her mother Karen told me how she was a sunglass euthenist! As in she really cares about protecting her eyes with style!

During cocktail hour, Jordan changed into her second dress. This one was a short pink dress with pink heels and it was so cute!  After the introductions and dancing with her father, she changed back into her pink dress and through on her conversers! I took her outside to get fun pink water fountain pictures and they came out amazing! Everyone danced all night and the party was a blast!


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