Brittany & Alex's Wedding at The Water's Edge at Giovanni's - Darien, CT

Photographer - Mike & Gabby


They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck! Brittany & Alex truly had a BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING!

Even though it was raining most of the day, we still got some AMAZING pictures, the food was delicious, Brittany was stunning, and the dance floor was PACKED!

There were so many special moments, lots of love, and amazing family/ friends from both Brittany & Alex's side. It was truly a perfect day. Wish the two of them the very best!

Here are some of my favorite memories throughout the day:

-Watching Brittany's junior bridesmaids make a tik tok every 5 minutes!

-Watching Brittany's dad take selies of himslef while she was getting ready.

-Alex's family having a huge party while he was getting ready.

-Witnessing all of the greek traditions that take place during the ceremony.

-The INSANE reception. The party was incredible!


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