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Amanda & Morgan's Wedding at a Private Home - Milford, CT

Photographers - Mike & Gabby

Amanda & Morgan tied the knot outside of their gorgeous beach front home in Milford, CT. Even though this was Amanda & Morgan's elopement, It was also there maternity shoot as well!

Amanda contacted me about a month before her wedding and we instantly clicked over the phone! She told me that she was having a micro wedding with a total guest count of 24 people. Sounds like my type of wedding!

When I got there, we started portraits right away. We took some amazing photos by the beach and the rocks. When we got back, their guest started to arrive. Everyone was dressed in super fun colors and patterns! I could tell that their was a theme going on!

Their ceremony was short and sweet. And right after we took a big group shot of everyone who came!

Congrats on the wedding and the baby! Cheers to you both on a long and happy marriage!!

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