Katy & Doug’s wedding at the Inn at Longshore, Westport, CT

WOW…, what a day with Katy & Doug! A beautiful ceremony with so much emotion, as you can see from Doug’s reaction to seeing Katy for the first time. Then off to Westport to the Inn at Longshore for a beautiful evening of fun. The photography opportunities were seemingly endless and when we thought we had covered all the best spots at the Inn, we then had the chance to visit a local marina with a beautiful 40+ foot yacht … Read More

Maria & Dave’s wedding at the Aqua Turf Club, Plantsville, CT

A beautiful day for 2 amazing people. There are days where everything just is perfect and this was one of them, Maria your bubbly enthusiasm made the day fun for everyone and Dave you and the guys were great to be around. You made us feel like family, and the emotion from both of you during those amazing moments almost made me choke up! Thank you for letting us be part of your day!

Melissa & Dave’s wedding at Anthony’s Ocean View in New Haven, CT

I had the pleasure of photographing Melissa and Dave last night because 4 years ago I was the photographer for her sister Krystal.  It is an honor to be asked to return as the photographer for another family wedding.  The day was absolutely perfect for weather, with one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen at Anthony’s.  Melissa was radiant and her excitement helped make the day perfect! Thank you to Garrett for being my 2nd shooter and … Read More

Margaret & Nick’s wedding at the Fox Hill Inn, Brookfield, CT

Margaret and Nick are one of the most amazing couples I have ever had the pleasure to photograph.  Margaret was so excited for her wedding and it was infectious to everyone in her bridal party, her family and her friends.  What and amazing couple and incredible day!  Thank you for letting me be a part of it!  

Ashley & Ryan’s Wedding at The Waterview in Monroe, CT

The most amazing part of photographing weddings are the amazing people you meet along the way.  Ashley and Ryan were amazing and just loved music and fun!  I cannot thank you enough for allowing us to be part of your amazing day!  Thank you to Colin, Cat and Sue at The Waterview for always being so inviting and helpful.  Thanks to Tony and Carlos from CNT Entertainment for rockin’ the night.  

Melissa & Eddie – Fox Hill Inn – Brookfield, CT

What an amazing couple, we had such an awesome time with Melissa & Eddie at the Fox Hill Inn. This was a first look wedding and I could tell the anticipation was driving them crazy and the moment they were able to see each other for the first time was so special for them both. Getting all the family formal photos done early made the day flow so much easier, and the best photo of the day was of everyone … Read More

Samantha & Tyler – Saltwater Farm Vineyard – Stonington, CT

Amazing day with an awesome couple, but man it was cold! The sun was shining making for some beautiful photos, but we had to make sure Samantha had her jacket between the photos just to keep warm. When you are just off the water on the Rhode Island border it can get a bit chilly in the Fall, but I love Saltwater Farms for photos, one of the most beautiful places in Eastern CT. Samantha and Tyler both stuck it … Read More

Christina & Zach – Anthony’s Ocean View – New Haven, CT

Christina & Zach’s wedding day in New Haven at Anthony’s Ocean View, what a day it was. From the house getting ready to the beautiful Assumption Church, then back to the house for the party before the party and most of the family photos, then off to Anthony’s for some beautiful beach photos! Christina loves the beach and it was one of those days when the sunset in New Haven was just breathtaking. Enjoy the photos!

Deni & Ray – Bill Miller’s Castle – Branford, CT

It was a bright sunny day this Saturday in November, but very cold and windy at Bill Miller’s Castle. That did not stop us from getting outside for some great photos with the remaining foliage on the trees, and a great sunset as well. Deni was a trooper and put up with the cold and the time was so worth it. As usual Ray from Dance to the Music Entertainment rocked the house and the staff at Bill Miller’s was … Read More

Elizabeth & Jason – Fox Hill Inn – Brookfield, CT

This was an amazing day with Liz and Jason, from an amazing ceremony to the fun of the reception everything was perfect! We were lucky to have some color left on the trees for great photos after the church, and the sunset was amazing! We had not planned to stop for that shot, but after calls to the Jackie the MOH we were able to get the limo to stop, and with the limo drover yelling at us we jumped … Read More

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